The Cheeky Twins Facts.
Welcome to this blog about the two most enjoyable youtubers, Jack and Finn Harries.
Oh and I have another question! Where did you find out that Finn thinks Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are talented songwriters? Thanks for answering the other question :)

I think it was on twitter…he wrote something about their song ”everything has changed”. You’re welcome :)

Hey! Did you watch yesterday's Younow? Jack mentions in it how he wants to collaborate with a youtuber. He says 'Rebecca' I think but I couldn't tell. Does he mean Rebecca Black? I would think so but then Finn mentions how she's 'hot' and then Jack says she's '14' so I'm not sure what's going on! Could you help me out here? Thanks x

This question is interesting ! Rebecca Black is 16….but to be honest I don’t know any youtuber with the name Rebecca….So maybe they didn’t know her exact age. She looks young, and when she made her ”Friday” video, she was 14. So, it’s probably her :)

Anonymous asked:
I have known them for a long time! But I can't still figure out who's who! Help me please? Just wanna know the difference between Jack and Finn. Ugh

I already answered this question below, Finn’s face is thinner than Jack’s face :)


AWWWWWWWN thank you !

How tall is Finn?

Something around 5’11”….which means something around 1m80 :)

Anonymous asked:
Hi! Regarding their plants' names. Jack's plants are named Drew, George and Gertrude. Finn's plant is named George too :D

Seems like Finn have much imagination x) Thank you !

Why did they left school? Do you know anything about this?

Because they wanted to work fulltime on youtube probably :)

Anonymous asked:
Where do you get your facts from? Theyre really good, nice job! :)

I get them from other tumblrs, from ”Ask Jack” videos, Younow, Twitter etc… :) Thank you !

shahisaifi asked:
where are you nw??

Right now I’m home :) I’m leaving at 4pm.

Back To School…

I’m sorry , but I’m going back to school, boarding school, without Wifi. I’ll come home in the weekend, and I’ll try to make facts. My askbox stills open for you all ! xoxo Good luck everyone !